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18-99 y/o

Power & discipline

Taekwondo can be taken up as a form of exercise, sport or self defense. Beneficial to men & women of all ages, Taekwondo is a complete workout involving every aspect of athleticism.

Hyun Taekwondo Academy offers a practical program for adults to improve strength, stamina and flexibility. Our system allows students to set their own goals, short & long term, and helps them to meet those goals.

Students in our adult classes range in age from their late teens to working adults, some over 45. So no matter their age, anyone can start training and benefit at their own pace in our varied classes.

Many of the Academy’s adult students are surprised at what they achieve with only a few weeks of training; being able to execute powerful kicks and coordinated moves they never believed they were capable of.

Hyun Taekwondo Academy’s programs take our students from the beginner’s level of White Belt through to Black Belt and beyond. Our syllabus contains all the elements required for belt grading tests that conform to the Singapore Taekwondo Federation & Korean Kukkiwon standards.

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